Welcome to SAMS!

The Seattle Art Museum Supporters—or SAMS—is a dedicated group of nearly two hundred Seattle area women who are committed to fundraising for the Seattle Art Museum. The mission of SAMS is to expand the support of the Seattle Art Museum through fundraising and promotional efforts and to provide educational opportunities for its members.

SAMS Group Photo

Since its inception in 1985, SAMS has raised nearly $6 million to fund selected Seattle Art Museum projects, including exhibitions, capital campaigns, arts education, museum publications, public transportation for school age children and endowment funds. We educate our members through intriguing monthly programs in special venues, including private homes and corporate art collections that are not open to the general public. Membership in SAMS is by invitation only.

SAMS traditionally holds three fundraisers a year: the Fall Fundraiser, Gardens of Art and Nordstrom Designer Preview.